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You Wake Up...

...and feel ten kinds of sore, but also strangely calm and content. Blank, almost. You’re vaguely bothered by the sense you’re forgetting something. What don’t you know that you should? Your name, you suppose. And your past. Those are things one usually remembers, right? But your head throbs as you try to bring them to mind. A touch uneasy, you get up from the couch you’re lying on and shift your attention to your surroundings.

You’re in a modest but comfortable dwelling. You don’t recognize it, but then again you don’t recognize anything. You catch of glimpse of a person staring at you through a window...then you realize it’s a mirror and the person is you. You study yourself for a moment. What sort of person do you see? 


The wall behind you explodes. An unmarked, military-looking truck has plowed through it. From inside comes the sound of someone barking orders. You feel your muscles tense for action, like these situations are what you were made for.

What do you do? 


The Tabula Initiative is a tabletop roleplaying game for 1 Player and 1 GM. It requires two six-sided dice and two hours or so to play. The player is an amnesiac black ops asset trying to recover their memory and stay one step ahead of their past. Your one move lets you rely on muscle memory to recover maneuvers from the recesses of your mind. This gets easier if you increase your Programming stat—but if you let your Programming reach 4, you are a fully on-mode Tabula operative once again. 

Will you uncover the truth about your past with the Tabula Initiative before it reclaims you? What will you sacrifice to chart a new future?

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorCloven Pine Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsPbtA, spy, Tabletop


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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