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A game for two (GM and player). Runs 1-2hrs.

Once upon a time…

It isn't your fault. Everyone wishes sometimes that a baby brother or sister would disappear, or just go back into Mommy's tummy, just for a little bit. And all the grown-ups were careless, too! They kept saying that they could eat Baby up or that they'd like to steal Baby away home. Anyone could have heard them.

And now the fey did what the grown-ups only talked about.

Everyone is running around, calling the police, bolting the windows, and they won't listen to you tell them about the door you saw in the hill. If you want the baby back (and you do want the baby back, don't you?) you'll have to confront the fairy monarch yourself.

Bring Home the Babe is a game about an older sibling entering the fey realm in pursuit of a stolen baby. It uses a single PbtA-style move to resolve the bargains you make with the fey in order to pursue your sibling. Your two stats, precision and potential, are a shifting measure of whether you are following your parents' lessons or your own heart. Become too grown up and you'll have to leave fairyland. Become too lighthearted, and you'll never be able to.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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