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Howdy, Desperados!

I have just added a GM reference sheet for The Great Soul Train Robbery. All of the information it includes is drawn from the game text, just now put onto a single (double-sided) sheet for ease of reference at the table. I have made the sheet free to download. I hope it serves you well when you run the game!

One little feature I will highlight: At the bottom of the front page is an illustration of the train, with the caboose on one end, the engine on the other, and blank tracks in the middle. As you play The Great Soul Train Robbery, you can use that space to sketch out the train cars your Desperados confront. This will turn your GM sheet into a memento of your session. If you do draw your train this way, no matter your level of artistic skill, I will be very happy to see it. Please tag @ClovenPineGames on Twitter if you share a picture of your filled-in train!


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Apr 12, 2022

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