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Is PayPal disabled on this item? It's the only way I have to pay on here.

It shouldn't be... can you let me know what kind of problem you're running into?

When I hit "Download Now" and it goes to the payment page, PayPal isn't there as an option, only "Pay with card"; I've checked other "Name your own price" games and they show both.

Thanks! Let me check what's going on there.

I think I resolved the issue, Kevin. Let me know if it looks right to you!

A PbtA game where you play as demigods and the Fates. I love how the mechanics reinforces the Greek mythology setting, with the Fates as the MCs. It is interesting to see this game forgo stats that are intrinsic to the character, but instead opt for stats that change with the character's status. (Your glory and fray affects the results of your roll, not how strong or fast your demigod is.)